Saturday, January 15, 2011

black bread.

buy bread baked locally. buy from a farmers' market.

use the black market. starve the state. feed the local

everyone in the black economy does something useful.

there are no redundant pen pushers or percentage takers
in the black economy. everybody does something that is
needed in that town or townland. everyone.

politico-economic tourism.

take a holiday in iceland. take a holiday in latvia.
take a holiday in portugal. a bankrupt needs friends.

bacon and cabbage.

the economic future is bacon and cabbage.

the bacon is the piigs -

the cabbage is the krauts.

the teutonic centre must dialogue with the outer fringe.
we are all in this together. people who say 'you must
do it our way or the whole system might collapse' are
bluffing. the system has collapsed. turn off the financial
life support. the fields, mountains, lakes, forests, seas,
cattle, crows - will still be there in the morning.

Friday, January 7, 2011

boycott the aliens

yes, of course aliens exist.

but if they travel - a more doubtful question - they should be boycotted !

it would be madness to acknowledge them.

you would need to know - why are they not content to live at home on their own planet ?

are they outcasts ? exiles ? refugees ? land grabbers ? missionaries ? teenagers ? deviants ? just lost ? colonisers ?

if they were anyway ecologically aware, they would declare us an endangered species and our planet a protected wilderness. come to think of it, are they eco tourists ?

every 'backward' culture that encountered an 'advanced' culture in the past, bitterly regretted it. the more primitive culture is usually destroyed, infected with new epidemics, or rounded up to live on quaint old fashioned 'reservations.'

but then again, is industrial civilisation a historic advance, or just an unfortunate detour ?

advanced aliens ? don't even let them know you have seen them !

have they perfected life on their own planet ? or wrecked the place ?

are they friendly or hostile ? species evolved from aquatic or reptile or mammalian species are usually both. however nice they were at first . . . what if they got annoyed ?

or more dangerously, they might transmit something on our brainwave frequencies that caused us to think that they were absolutely wonderful !

actually, i don't think a powerful alien species would travel in person - i think they would stay home and transmit some hologram of themselves to gather information and transmit it back home. i would not travel to america to shake obama's hand - so i doubt if anyone would cross light years of outer space to do it.

i don't believe that the aliens need to come to our planet in person - but if they do, boycott the feckers. they seem to hang around just out of range like a gang of teenage hoodies - so who needs to get involved with them ?

haven't we enough troubles, without that ?