Wednesday, February 2, 2011

the election.

electorates are never grateful, never apologise, never explain.
the electorate says the government has made all the wrong decisions -
they never confess that they the electorate made all the wrong decisions.
brian cowan's legacy.
do bankrupt administrations leave legacies ?
his legacy is the family seat - plus three and a bit green fields in negative
equity, and a claim on a fourth green field, no longer actively followed up.
brian cowan will be remembered in irish history alongside great men -
eddie macateer.
john redmond.
brian faulkner.
dermot macmurrough.
micheal martin started as well as he could be expected to -
he now needs,

1 a director of elections.

2 a double decker bus to take fianna fail to the country, and

3 a small taxi to bring them back again.
the euro.
there are limits to everything, even to political correctness and to
europeanisation. europe has slipped back unnoticed almost, into its
former bad habits. will there soon be a catholic eurozone and a
protestant eurozone ?

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