Thursday, March 10, 2011

dail dress code.


latest standing orders, dail dress code :

general appearance is to reflect the dignity and integrity of the house - i e slightly threadbare, with concealed ties.

taoiseach : mr punch costume with truncheon.
leader of the opposition : smart squeaky clean judy outfit.
minister for finance : hair shirt, can be fianna fail cast-off.
minister for public service reform : a sturdy cap.
minister for transport : sensible walking shoes.
tanaiste and minister for foreign affairs : a swimsuit.
fine gael rank and file : blue shirts.
labour rank and file : white collar.
female labour cabinet member : something she knitted herself.
fianna fail senior members : deep mourning.
united left alliance : blue collar.
shane ross, outspoken independent : dog collar.
clatter of independents : where motley is worn.
lowry, mcgrath, healey-rae : drip dry county colours and cloth cap.
backbenchers worried about gender quotas : drag.
sinn fein : dry cleaned balaclavas.
fianna fail rank and file : bare faced, or grandfather's worn out balaclava.
green senator : a fig leaf, otherwise stark naked ,with tweetmobile.
barry cowen : his brother's shoes.

cean comhairle : black shorts and a whistle.


all mercs will be traded in. ministers will drive themselves in 500 c c italian cars, in order to stuff it to the british and germans who fed our borrowing habit and now call us to do the cold turkey treatment. the independents can hitch hike. the new government jet is a three man currach. if you have a second home in west cork, either stay in clontarf or go on the bus.

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