Friday, March 4, 2011

what's the difference between election politics 2011 and wild west poker ?

in wild west poker you leave your gun at the door, put your money on the table, lift your cards, play to win, and try to see if anyone is bluffing.

in election politics you leave your gun at the door, lift your voting card, and you know everyone is bluffing, but you can't win, because there is no money on the table.

in wild west poker, the bad guys ride into town, hold up the pensioners, terrify the children, blow a hole in the bank, grab the gold, turn the corner, and head for the hills.

in election politics the bad guys are all running the town. the bank robs the people of half their money. the shit hits the fan. the bad guys grab their pensions and head for the hills. then the good guys ride into town, back off from the pensioners, kiss the children and win the election, find the hole in the bank, say 'tut tut' to the bankers, collect the other half of the townsfolks' money and throw it down the hole.

in wild west poker a few bad guys creep back into town in disguise, get caught by the townsfolk, marched out of town, and strung up from a tree.

in election politics a few bad guys creep back into town in disguise, mutter about taking hard decisions, say 'sorry' to the townsfolk but 'we are where we are', promise we'll soon turn the corner, turn the corner into the saloon, leave their guns at the door, tell gerry's gang to get lost,
buy a round of bourbon for the good guys, get their feet back under the table, grin at all the new kids and greenhorns and say -

'anyone for another game of poker ?'

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