Thursday, March 17, 2011

wave goodbye

as someone acutely aware of the bears who winter in deserted farm properties in the chernobyl restricted areas, bears whose lifestyle is not far removed from my own, i welcome developments in japan. this may, at first reading, appear heartless. if so, it deserves to proceed to second and third reading. our racist (human racist ), fascist, and expansionist species is carrying out systematic ethnic cleansing against other species. this is true of all 'peoples.' from the mildest tibetan monk to the most macho retired pentagon general with sexual potency issues - the human race supports ruthless ethnic cleansing and conducts endless chemical warfare against every other species from harmless and peace loving bacteria to rats. rats - omniverous, courageous, resouceful scavengers and recyclers - are the victims of cruel propaganda, to the effect that they are 'dangerous'. at the same time that we project our worst characteristics onto these creatures - we conduct an incessant 'final solution' on their entire species by means of poisoning.
so who exactly is dangerous ? ? this is the greatest calumny since poland invaded hitler. the poisons eventually find their way into groundwater and boost the cancer rate. we are thus not only a mindlessly aggressive race, but stupified by our own propaganda, and our obsessive need to sell stuff to each other, whether or not it is lethal to ourselves and our children. the japanese earthquake is to be welcomed as the first glimmer of dawn, of the coming contraction phase of global industrial civilisation. forget peak oil. peak oil per capita - which is what counts - was over thirty years ago. to promote alternative energy as a means of sustaining the unsustainable, is delusory.

nature is resouceful, inventive, all powerful, and both nurturing and utterly ruthless. but the earth is a ball of molten iron and a holiday visit to iceland might be the best way to understand the fragility of her crust. japan suffered hiroshima, and went back to meddle with nuclear toys. japan may be on the brink of creating the most extensive wildlife park and nature reserve since the dawn of the industrial revolution. let the growth addicts weep. let the fascists retreat. let the rising sun of the brave new dawn warm the hearts of the bears of chernobyl in their cosy homes. earthquake, flood, fire ! and so far the earth has done little more than shrug.

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